Learn Inline Hockey DVD

Learn Inline Hockey DVD

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A DVD has been created to help aspiring Inline Hockey Players learn key skills to the game.
The DVD is available for purchase (within Australia only) for $10 plus postage and handling.

You can view all the videos online (in 720p High Definition) through the PRILHC YouTube Channel. This is a link to the rest of the videos http://pineriversdragons.com/programs/learn-inline-hockey/
Below is a video on Saucer Passing, which is one of the videos available in the DVD or online.

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  1. Pineriversdragons says:

    you don’t NEED to do crossovers. just bend your inside knee, keep your outer leg straight and lean into the turn. Crossovers are good for accelerating while turning but not necessary. If you want to get better at it just take it in small steps and eventually put more and more power into it.

  2. Porcupine950 says:

    i need help doing crossovers to turn right i was born with a club foot so i cant bend my left foot much but i can turn left perfectly any tips?

  3. Pineriversdragons says:

    not the best idea to go try and dangle a defender skating backwards at the same speed as you. The best thing to do in those situations is keep your body in between them and the puck and try and skate around them. Alternatively, if you really want to deke them, go wide one way and then pass it to the other side under their stick or between their feet and then pick it up on the other side. You’ll probably get hit though

  4. Wyattcheech1999 says:

    im having trouble dekeing through people whenever i step up to the defender they just take it away like nothing i need help

  5. Pineriversdragons says:

    you need to roll your wrists more so that your stickhead covers over the puck which will stop it rolling and keep it flat. The easiest way to get a puck flat is get it on your stickhead and then get the stick as low as you can to the ground so that the stickhead curve forces the puck to go flat. If you want to practice just spin the puck with your hand and then try and get it flat as quick as possible

  6. TraumaMedia says:

    I have a problem with the puck going on its side and rolling around on its edge whenever I stick handle. When it gets on it’s edge what is the fastest way to get it back down? I am constantly chasing it around. Do you happen to have any tips for that? Great video by the way!

  7. Jdslol1 says:

    You guys have the greatest roller hockey video’s on youtube, thanks for the help!

  8. GGDGreenDragons says:

    super, I learned a lot from this, thanks!

  9. Claymcnamara says:

    Great set of videos. Thanks for posting

  10. Vinchenso12 says:

    Great video!!

  11. Aaronisnotabender says:

    i will have to work on that. thanks for the help

  12. Pineriversdragons says:

    dead center of your blade. if you put it near the heel it won’t whip and if you put it near the toe it will veer across your body. you can point the blade to the ground as you wind up in order to get that extra flex as well. just make sure the puck is just a little bit behind your lead foot and aim to hit the ground directly behind the puck or the stick won’t flex.

  13. Aaronisnotabender says:

    i was racticing my slap shots yesterday, i used to have a great one and then i stopped playing, and recently over they last few months im getting my “skills” back. but my slap shot is just not there, i think my positsion is close to almost perfect but i cant postistion the puck in my blade correctly, where should it be? thanks, Aaron F. 14yrs of age

  14. SickSavior says:

    This is actually a great video. Thanks guys, good information

  15. Pineriversdragons says:

    Yeah it’s just flex that gives it the power. There’s a reason wood sticks only cost 10-30 dollars and that’s because they’re hardly used in high level play and you simply can’t get the same flex and weight as in a composite stick

  16. JoeyGeorgic says:

    Btw I can flex the stick but not like a composite stick would. I can snap the puck and get tons of speed on the puck but wrist shots I got accuracy but can’t get as much speed on them. But thts prolly cuz of the flex I am guessing?

  17. Pineriversdragons says:

    you need to roll your wrists more so that your stickhead covers over the puck which will stop it rolling and keep it flat. The easiest way to get a puck flat is get it on your stickhead and then get the stick as low as you can to the ground so that the stickhead curve forces the puck to go flat. If you want to practice just spin the puck with your hand and then try and get it flat as quick as possible

  18. TraumaMedia says:

    I have a problem with the puck going on its side and rolling around on its edge whenever I stick handle. When it gets on it’s edge what is the fastest way to get it back down? I am constantly chasing it around. Do you happen to have any tips for that? Great video by the way!

  19. Pineriversdragons says:

    tile as in sport court? concrete is a smoother surface and picks up alot of dirt. If it’s cleaned regularly it’s usually ok, but most rinks get at most a sweep every month or so. Sport court (or tile) is specifically designed for inline hockey is made out of plastic (softer than concrete) and usually has holes where dirt falls through so not too much dirt stays on the surface.

    I’ve played on sport court alot and change to softer wheels because they don’t rip them up like concrete does

    also my brother is the one wearing the tours. I hate them, can’t accelerate well.

  20. Snipe921 says:

    you guys said its just painted concrete? i play on a tile surface and i can pretty much stop on a dime. im just curious as to if there is anything under the paint because i would think that there would be some problems such as cracks if it was just a painted concrete surface, also how do you like the tour tabus?

  21. Hockeyfan5448 says:

    Comment on your video: Puck Handling | Learn Inline Hockey Your wrist movements are so quick. If you can post a video of one of your games. I would really enjoy watching that. =)

  22. Pineriversdragons says:

    it’s just painted concrete. outdoor rinks are harder to stop on because they are usually coated in dust, dirt, oil etc. An outdoor rink needs to be soaped down regularly.

    Outdoor wheels are also alot harder as well; the harder the wheel – the longer it takes to grip. Generally speaking, outdoors wheels are usually 82A+, indoor concrete wheels are about 76A-80A and indoor sport-court wheels are usually 72A-76A. You won’t ever be able to stop as well outdoor as you will indoor

  23. Hockeyfan5448 says:

    Comment on Skating | Learn Inline Hockey:
    I was wondering what kind of surface you play on? I play on an outdoor rink, and stopping quickly is quite a problem. I was wondering why that could be, because I know you can stop immediately on hard surfaces, but I know there are factors like surfaces, wheels, and probably other things.

  24. Pineriversdragons says:

    what about feet? It’s hard to shoot a explanatory video if I’m skating around all the time.
    The heads up is only referring to your eyes. Obviously you shouldn’t be looking at the roof while dekeing because you’re going to lose the puck every now and then.
    That sort of puck handling is far from necessary in order to be a good hockey player. As a forward, it will however reduce your chance of getting rocked because you were too busy looking at the ground.

  25. Iflavhs says:

    comment on Puck Handling | Learn Inline Hockey:
    feet man feet…
    …head up? dont you mean heads at 45%?

  26. Iflavhs says:

    comment on Skating | Learn Inline Hockey:
    always do a v start, even when rolling
    when crossing over reach as faras you can to the inside
    defending backwards you should be doing cross over as high speed so you can change direction if a forward skater moves to one side….

  27. HockeyFan5448 says:

    Alright thanks.

  28. Pineriversdragons says:

    Hardly ever break the shaft, the head of the stick usually cracks. I’ve used a two-piece for the last 2 years because the head cracks very easily playing on concrete and blades are alot cheaper to replace. Slapshots/snapshots is what usually break sticks because you’re essentially slamming the stick into the ground to make it flex. The shaft of the stick is supposed to flex; it’s made for it.

    If you curious. I’m currently using a Easton SE16 Shaft with RBK 11k blade (P38 Curve)

  29. HockeyFan5448 says:

    Comment on your video: Wrist and Snap Shot | Learn Inline Hockey Very nice videos. It’s hard to find Inline hockey videos. You guys look like you’re really good. I was wondering how often you break sticks? You seem to put a lot of stress on the stick, and also when you were first starting out did you think about flexing the stick, snapping the wrist, and all those things?

  30. Ali says:

    hello . my name is ali im play roller hockey for 12 years . im goaler in my city . can you pls help me i need book & dvd because we dont have it in iran and its so hard to find and order from iran { you now why } can you pls send me something . you have 10 video in YOUTUBE pls sended for me to my Email : bahadorkhanali@yahoo.com . because my internet is filterig icant downloaded from you tube. thank you so much . and if you want to see my team photo you can see me in face book . thank you again . by

  31. Kenneth says:

    Dear Sir,

    I get to know of your DVD of inline hockey tutorial from the Youtube, I would like to know if your shipping area includes Hong Kong as I would get a set of it.
    Can you tell me what does your DVD cover and how long is the DVD?
    Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards,

  32. Pineriversdragons says:

    We don’t use Paypal but you/bank can transfer money internationally by EFT using SWIFT code. Please send your name and address to prdragons@hotmail.com and I’ll work out postage and handling and email funds transfer details to you.

  33. clawwz says:

    new zealand how much and can i use paypal?

  34. Pineriversdragons says:

    …? pretty fast? We don’t have a speed gun

  35. mropeechee says:

    how fast is the average slapshot in your league

  36. Hum0ng0us says:

    Add me! Add me!! Add me!!!

    Your videos area great and almost as informative as actually playing!!

  37. Hum0ng0us says:

    Man you fellas can SKATE!!

    And that’s coming from a Canadian!!

  38. sush237 says:


  39. Perkey752 says:

    I train inline in Horjul Dinamites in SLOVENIAA <3<3

  40. IllyaMuromets says:

    dude i had the same problem but then i just got a tarp, put it on my garage door and then kept on shooting till i got blisters! i had the same problem as you but don’t worry you’ll get it right. and people always say practice, practice and practice and you’ll agree when you get it right, that practice make’s it perfect!

  41. pineriversdragons says:

    can you get the puck in the air at all? if you can, you might just need to get a stick blade with more of a curve. Try and get something that has a mid or toe curve (like a easton getzlaf or warrior jovanovski – these are names of brand specific blade patterns) and you’ll find that it will help get the puck higher. Another thing you can try is scooping underneath the puck when you’re about to release.

  42. BlackRoseLotus says:

    When i do any type of shot the puck still stays low i know im doin something wrong so can you help me?

  43. MAKEorBREAK17 says:


  44. hansmaffay says:

    Nice Videos!

  45. ChopperCity47 says:

    that dude is amazing at the sport lol……………crazy speed

  46. pineriversdragons says:

    hey there, concrete definitely helps when it comes being able to flex your stick but so does stick tape, blade wax, a low flex-rated stick, how much you weigh and where you’re flexing. Make sure you’re putting your body weight into your front hand (halfway down your stick) and not your muscles. Just lean forward with your body weight and the stick will bend.

  47. KRONIK2800 says:

    I always try the flex techinque on ice to get a better whip for my snap shot, but it always going off my stick like a regular wrist shot… doesnt work like how when you flex your stick on the floor , you think the floor allows more drag allowing more flex and whip like you do before you shoot, any pointers?, thanks.
    the ice is more slippery as you know so its hard to drag the stick along and then flick it giving you the flex power in a snap shot.

  48. novag75 says:

    where can we order this dvd ?? I live in memphis (téxas)

  49. pineriversdragons says:

    hey tom, the only difference between taking a shot standing still and taking one while skating is your body is facing the goal so you’ll be shooting on the side of your body. (Watch the puck-handling vid for the section of back to front puck-handling to see where your hands should be positioned.)

    Same rules apply in terms of bending your knees, rolling the puck along the blade and flexing your stick.

  50. Tom13Z says:

    nice videos! but i wanna advice: how do you take a wrist/snap shot when you are approaching the goal, and the goal is in front of you? n you don’t always have time to get in position. so could you tell me how you take those shots while you are actually skating, pleaaaseee!!!

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